Non-EU citizens and their family members

Non-EU citizens and their family members

May 19, 2019, 10:10 PM

There is a fundamental principle for the functioning of the Schengen Area to be able to cross internal borders at any place without border check. Unfortunately, this isn't applicable to non-EU citizens. To be able to enter the Czech Republic, you as a non-EU citizen have to fulfill the following conditions:

  • have a valid travel document
  • hold a valid short-term/long term visa or permanent residence (you can find a list of Czech permits/visa here)
  • not be a person with denied entry or be considered as a public threat

After entering the Czech Republic, each non-EU citizen is obliged to register their new address in the Czech Republic at nearest foreign police office within 3 working days. In case you came to pick up your long-term or permanent residence card, you should register at the Ministry of Interior where they will also collect your biometric data.

There is also an obligation for the non-EU citizen to report any changes (name, marital status, travel documents, work/stay permit) to foreign police or Ministry of Interior based on the type of change.

In case you are a non-EU citizen with a connection to another non-EU citizen already working in the Czech Republic, you can use a special type of visa called "the purpose of family reunification". To be eligible to apply for a visa at the Czech Embassy based on family reason, you have to be:
  • the spouse/minor child/adult dependent child/or spouse's child of foreign national (guarantor) having a long-term or permanent permit
  • parent of the minor child who has been granted asylum
  • foreign national over 65 years old who needs care

In case you – as a newcomer plus non-EU citizen – would like to not just live, but also work in the Czech Republic, you have to apply for "family reunification" = "sloučení rodiny" purpose. This is a long term residence permit which is standardly issued by the Ministry of Interior in the Czech Republic. The overall conditions are:
  • both parties have to be over 20 years
  • the guarantor (= foreigner already located in the Czech Republic) have to be a holder of a long-term or permanent residence
  • the guarantor has to be in the Czech Republic at least 15 months or have to work here at least 6 months (as a holder of employee card)
  • the guarantor is a spouse (married before entering CZ) or a minor child with granted asylum
  • the applicant is a foreign national over 65 years who needs care
  • the guarantor is a holder of a Blue Card or Intra Company Employee Transfer Card

The standard validity of this permit is from 1 to 2 years.